Are your considering implementing in-store digital media in the form of digital signage but question the investment? Perhaps you’ve already implemented a digital signage solution but are uncertain whether it’s worth the investment? Is there, or can I achieve, a sustainable ROI? StoreStream Metrics has developed CEEclear© that provides quantitative evidence as to whether your digital signage content is helping you 'sell more stuff'.

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EVAlidate© is a proprietary system that analyzes ‘what-if’ scenarios based upon an extremely comprehensive and detailed list of factors and elements needed to implement a successful in-store digital media network. Working in sync with a proprietary business analysis process, EVAlidate© encompasses all of the requisite components, associated details and fiscal ramifications necessary to determine the projected ROI of a particular digital media network design.

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Validation Pilot

Once a digital experience is designed and an acceptable ROI has been projected, StoreStream Metrics will project manage the complete activation of a proof-of-concept pilot program. StoreStream Metrics' Validation Pilot will have an associated quantitative measurement metric for every shopper/employee touchpoint . This will provide repeatable evidence to validate the projected ROI, content strategy, operational efficiencies, optimize shopper and brand expectations and provide insights to optimize cross-channel content supply chain designs and workflows.

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'Trusted Mediator' & Strategy
Adrian Weidmann has helped brands (Dairy Queen, Lowe's, Rockwell Tools) and technology providers develop their products, 'go-to-market' strategies, ROI assessment, RFP authoring & management and digital media workflows to meet the evolving expectations of the digitally empowered shopper. As a pioneer in the field of digital signage, broader expertise in digital asset management, cross-channel publishing and digital retail merchandising and shopper experential design can help you through your digital transformation.

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