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what clients have to say...

"I have had the priviledge of working with some of the finest brands and talented people over the years. A number of them have been kind enough to share their experience and thoughts for your consideration. I greatly appreciate their kind words and insights as I look forward to the opportunity to work with you."

Adrian Weidmann

Laura Davis-Taylor
Chief Strategy Officer

“As long as I’ve known Adrian, he’s been laser focused on the belief that all marketing would eventually be digitally-based and that data analytics would be the most important element of it. He was right! Data can not lie—it shows us the reality vs. the assumed. And it shows us the path to success if you know how to read it and respond to it. If you also believe this to be true and need someone to help show the way, Adrian’s your guy. He can connect your teams, your systems and your shopper paths to help your brand or company get the unfair advantage that only and integrated analytics ecosystem can."

Janna Rider
Director of Digital Merchandising
American Dairy Queen

“Adrian has been great to work with on our digital signage analytics and other digital signage projects. He always provides us with actionable insights and is a great asset for our organization.”

Pete Woods
VP of Advertising (ret.) Lowe's

"Adrian held Lowe's corporate hand and led us on a highly productive ride as we explored Lowe's as a Medium. Based upon Adrian’s design and analytics, we built the world’s first in store network in 25 stores with content tailored to six discreet screens that integrated video analytics to determine traffic, shopper behavior and matched unique and individual shopper viewing to content by one-tenth of a second increments by location. This allowed us to design and curate marketing and merchandising content by location based on efficacy. Adrian's knowledge of emerging media opportunity in the rapidly evolving digital economy was a invaluable asset and resource for Lowe's!”

Mike Kowalczyk
Vice President Sales

"Adrian and his team are in fact pioneers. They have become models within the retail technology industry for their uncanny ability to not only know what questions to ask, but WHAT data is the right to analyze- not in a data laboratory, but with actual internationally recognized leading brands, like McDonalds, Lowes and Dairy Queen. From that, his understanding of the in-store interdependencies and ramifications of implementing and integrating technology and shopper engagement tools, techniques and touch points, lead to unique and innovative digital shopper marketing designs and activations.

He brought us inside the inner sanctums of high-end metrics and measurement and somehow tying it all together with a balanced and pragmatic foundation that can understood and implemented in the fast-paced world of retail.”

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