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Adrian has been a Braintrust Panelist on RetailWire since 2008. RetailWire is the retailing industry’s premier online discussion forum. RetailWire, launched in February of 2002, goes beyond conventional headline news reporting. The results are virtual round tables of industry opinion and advice covering key dynamics and issues affecting the retailing industry. See RetailWire's founder and CEO, Al McClain's thoughts on Adrian and StoreStream Metrics here.

Lighting Up the Aisle- Principles & Practices for In-store Digital Media

Written for brand and retail marketing, merchandising and customer experience professionals, this field guide to digital in-store shopper experience design remains the only existing resource on why and how retail brands can, and should, harness emerging technologies to transform in-store shopper experiences.

Authored by Laura-Davis Taylor and Adrian Weidmann and published by Relevant Press in 2007 their book has sold more than 4,000 copies in 23 countries worldwide.

(click on image to read excerpt from book.)

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