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Data Driven Content - Predictive Analytics - Content Marketing & Optimization
StoreStream Metrics is your trusted mediator- and independent lens focusing your investment on measurable, viable, and sustainable shopper experiences. Based upon measurement & predictive data analytics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), we bridge the gap between the digitally-empowered shopper and your brand experience by activating and optimizing data-driven content

StoreStream Metrics - a pioneer in the design, measurement and activation of digital media offers a range of consulting services designed to support location-based rich media initiatives founded upon quantitative evidence and data analytics.



First published in 2007, Adrian's book remains the only existing resource on why and how retail brands can, and should, harness emerging technologies to transform in-store shopper experiences. Read an excerpt and check back for more relevant insights


Clients include UPS, Dairy Queen, 7-Eleven, McDonald's, Citibank, Lowe’s, ExxonMobil, The World Bank, Condé Nast, Best Buy, Cisco, Supervalu, Macy’s, Nike, UnitedHealth Group and BBDO/Omnicom.

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StoreStream Metrics was founded in 2003 upon a statement made by a retail executive during a demonstration of digital signage technology- "we won't fund what we can't measure."

An early encounter with a brand marketing executive provided clarity- “It’s about selling stuff”. He has merged his unique perspective and insight to the art and science of digital media with analytical business fundamentals and Digital Asset Management (DAM) to assist brands, retailers and their agencies alike to realize the full potential of integrated multi-channel and interactive digital media solutions to enable integrated marketing conversion with measureable results.

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