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Founded in 2003 by Adrian Weidmann as a consultancy practice to provide quantitative executive business and market analysis and strategy guidance in developing enterprise communication solutions using digital media. We bring together a unique in depth understanding and experience in the art and science of the design and use of full sensory digital media- sight, sound, smell, touch and taste, for holistic enterprise communication.

We bridge the communication gap between the CMO and Retail IT

Moving the business success of your digital signage project from
maybe possible to highly probable with measurable results

We bring a wealth of real-world experience, insight and 'lessons-learned' to our client's digital media and signage initiatives. Our understanding of retail, marketing, merchandising, advertising and agency ecosystems complimented by our knowledge of 'best-of-breed' content production, management and distribution technologies are invaluable to maximizing the efficacy and success of your cross-channel digital media communication initiative.

We architect and execute holistic and personalized cross-channel shopper-marketing communication solutions delivered seamlessly to mobile, in-store, online, on-air or print.

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In order to help you get beyond the commercial hype and barrage of unrealistic promises give us an opportunity to provide you with some free insight.

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Shoppers are taking control of who, what, where, when, why and through which medium their chosen brands are allowed to communicate with them. Communicate with relevance.